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Authentic Italian side dishes and vegetables in Northern Italy

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Side dishes (Contorni)

White asparagus (Bassano)Asparagus from Bassano

Grilled vegetablesItalian side dishes

Radicchio (Treviso)Radicchio from Treviso


Northern Italian cuisine is full of great recipes for vegetables, so if you prefer vegetarian dishes to meat and fish you'll certainly appreciate the food and cooking in Vicenza.  In general, authentic Italian side dishes are based on fresh vegetables in season.  Italian side dishes are typically light complements to the main meal, often dressed simply with a bit of extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper.

Vicenza has plenty of vegetable side dish recipes, many of which use local herbs and vegetables from nearby towns and cities.  The town of Treviso northeast of Vicenza is famous for its radicchio, which has a slightly bitter taste to it and is excellent when grilled. Bassano just to the north of Vicenza has its own special white asparagus which goes great in risotto dishes or simply accompanied by hard boiled egg, salt & pepper. The veggie list goes on and on...

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Italian cheeses and cheese making in Northern Italy

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