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Classic Italian food dishes in Vicenza (Northern Italy)

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Classic Italian dinner dishes

Spezzatino di vitello (stew)Veal stew

Baccalà alla Vicentina (Cod)Codfish Vicentino style

Classic Italian foodPollo e polenta (Chicken and corn pudding)


Italian food dishes are well known all over the world, but what better place is there to experience classic Italian food than in Italy?  While fine restaurants offer exquisite Italian food menus, the best Italian dishes are generally found in the small family run trattorias around town or (if you are lucky enough to get invited) at someone's home.

Dinner in Italy is usually served at about 8:00pm, after shops and offices have closed and everybody is back home.  Italian dinner dishes may vary somewhat but are generally much lighter than lunches.  A typical Italian dinner menu consists of a simple soup (minestra) followed by a meat dish like spezzatino (stew) or soppressa (a type of salami typical of Northern Italy).  Other classic Italian dishes include baccalà alla vicentina and oso buco. Regardless of what you eat one thing's for sure, there's nothing like Italian food!

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Italian food in northern Italy

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Classic Italian food dishes in Italy
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