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Starters (Antipasti)

Affettati mistiMixed cold cuts

Antipasti (starters)Italian starters

BruschetteA history of great food recipes


Italian food is best appreciated one dish at at time, and there are plenty of dishes to keep your palate happy and your stomach full.  A meal in Italy usually begins with an antipasto (starter), a sort of "warm up" dish before the real meal begins.  Italians savor every bite they eat, and generally spend a good deal of time at the kitchen table.  It's no wonder, Italy has a rich history of great food recipes.

While Italian food varies from region to region, the basic recipes are all similar.  In Vicenza you might find an antipasto of locally produced affettati misti (salami, soppressa, pancetta), or fish based starters such as sarde in saor (marinated sardines).  There are also plenty of vegetarian starters available like the classic bruschetta (toasted garlic bread, olive oil and tomato), pomodori secchi (dried tomatoes) and sottoaceti (pickled vegetables) to whet your appetite!

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