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Traditional Italian food recipes in Northern Italy

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Traditional Italian recipes

Spring / Summer menu:
Antipasto (starters): Cold cuts and cheeses with fresh garden vegetables and special bread
Primo piatto (first course): "Risi e bisi" (Rice and peas) or risotto with wild herbs
Secondo piatto (second course): Carpaccio served with sliced parmesan and arugula.
Dessert: Chocolate "salami"


Risi e bisi

Chocolate "salame"

Risotto with wild herbs

Prosciutto crudo

Ortica (stinging nettle)

The sweet smells of nature and sunny days of spring and summer call for an antipasto which is light and fresh.

For starters we'll begin with some tasty cold cuts like prosciutto crudo from Parma o San Daniele, soppressa Vicentina made locally by farmers around Vicenza, salami and bresaola (a type of prosciutto but made from beef rather than pork). These specialties are best complemented with decisive cheeses such as Asiago (fresh or seasoned), blue cheese from nearby Montegalda or true parmesian cheese from Parma. Every community has its own "special" type of cheese which distinguishes it from others.

This starter is best accompanied by "sotto-aceti" or vegetables preserved in oil or vinegar by fresh bread baked with wild herbs and spices or olives for added flavor.
Springtime brings peas with it and Vicentinos adore the peas from nearby Lumignano (also known for its international rock climbing community), which are sweet and tasty.

Locally grown rice from Grumolo delle Abbadesse is just perfect for "risi e bisi" (rice and peas), a dish which is neither risotto nor soup but a rich and tasty cross between the two of them. Lots of great types of risotto can be prepared with the wild herbs of spring like ortiche (stinging nettle), bruscandoli (wild herbs typical of northern Italy), carletti and borragine.

Cultivated vegetables can enrich the first courses as well, like the well know asparagus from Bassano, carciofi (artichokes) and zucchini. Vegetable gardens are a great supplier and many people have their own little plot of land where they grow tomatoes and other vegetables during the summer for a really fresh meal.

Carpaccio - a cold plate of cured beef much like prosciutto crudo (pork) but with a unique taste all its own - was invented by Cipriani from Harry's bar in Venice Italy, and is a modern yet much loved dish which can be prepared in many ways.
Whether it's the orignal recipe - thinly sliced cured beef dressed with a fresh and simple sauce, or some variation with rucola (arugula), parmesian cheese, bits of raw vegetables and various sauces - it will win your palette if not your heart!

A great way to top things off after a wonderful meal is with chocolate "salami". This simple dessert which has its origins here in the north, has gone from a blend of chestnuts, figs and dried fruit to a buttery mix of cocoa and cream enriched with amaretti and dried biscuits.

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