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Pictures of Vicenza and northern Italy

Pizza, pasta and northern Italian food

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Pizza and pasta

Dried pasta: Italian pasta with various sauces
Fresh pasta: Home made pasta in various forms like tagliatelle, pasticcio di lasagna and gnocchi
Pizza and focacce: Classic pizza, bruschetta and various focacce recipes

Pizza with radicchio

Pasticcio (Lasagna)

A good way to learn how to prepare pasta the Italian way is with a little lesson on making pizza

A bruschetta is a slice of "pane toscano" (bread from the Tuscany region of Italy without salt) baked in an oven with various sauces such as tomato sauce or gorgonzola cheese and any number of toppings like salame, prosciutto, radicchio, asparagus, mushrooms etc.

Focacce is another type of bread (though not crispy like a bruschetta) typical of southern Italy which is often baked with olives, onions and various other ingredients to give it a rich taste.

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Villas and churches around Vicenza

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Zugverbindung Mailand - Venedig in Norditalien

Mailand Verona Vicenza Padua Venedig

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Bob and Jenny's guest house in northern Italy
Northern Italian food and cooking in Vicenza
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