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Bed and Breakfast in VicenzaAccommodation in Vicenza

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Thermal baths in Abano SpaThermal baths in Abano

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Vicenza is blessed with water, among the best in Italy.  The nearby mountains are the source of most of Veneto's drinking water, and it's here you'll find mountain resorts like Asiago (also famous for its many varieties of cheese) and Recoaro where a good deal of the bottled drinking water comes from.  These mountain resorts offer both skiing in the winter as well as a cool retreat during the hot summer days of July and August when most Italians are on holiday.

Spa resorts like Abano to the east offer hot springs and health spa facilities from thermal baths to swedish massage which are open all year long to the public.  While Abano is a half hour's drive to the east, you'll find the Terme di Giunone at a half hour's drive to the west just past Soave.  These thermal springs and olympic pools designed by the Romans make for an excellent day trip from Vicenza.

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