Bob and Jenny's B&B.

Lodging & Inn near Camp Ederle army base.
Bed & Breakfast 1.5 miles from Caserma Ederle.

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Centrally located with parking

Wifi Air Conditioning Sky T.V. and films in English Laundry facilities Bicycles for couples and kids Outdoor garden area for families

Housing facilities include:

- air conditioned lodging
- fully functional kitchen
- super fast WiFi
- Sky T.V. (with films in English)
- washing machine
- iron
- hairdryer
- garden (with play area for kids)

Garden at the B&B

A quiet little B&B

In the heart of Vicenza...

Upstairs bedroom at the B&B

Clean & cosy rooms

With all the comforts of home and...

A family run B&B

A friendly atmosphere

For couples and families

Vacation rentals & holiday home

Long term discounts on extended stays for service members (temporary housing and PCS)

View our rental apartments & B&B:

2 Bedroom Suite · Penthouse Apt.

Downtown · Courtyard

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