From the A4 highway (Autostrada) take the access road (Tangenziale)
Drive 5 km from the west exit or 3 km from the east exit until you reach Riviera Berica
Head 3 kilometers north towards the center of Vicenza (Centro)
Turn left onto Via Tiepolo about 200 meters after the traffic light
Park your car and walk back 30 meters on Borgo Berga and ring our bell

* Map is not to scale


Riviera Berica exit
(Only from access road)

Access road (Tangenziale)

Villa Capra
(La Rotonda)

Vicenza Ovest

Vicenza Est

A4 highway (Autostrada)

Parking (Via Tiepolo)

Bob & Jenny's B&B
Borgo Berga 140

Villa Valmarana

Bachiglione river


Vicenza Trade Fair