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The Criptoportico Romano In Piazza Duomo underneath the Palazzetto Proti was once part of an ancient patrician home.  This underground villa has stood the test of time and is one of the last remaining so well preserved in Italy.  In Roman times Criptoporticos were used as passage ways to connect adjoining buildings, as storage space for provisions and arms or to surround a monumental square having a sacred or public building inside it.  Originally the Criptoportico in Vicenza was set partway into the ground in order to keep the inhabitants cool during hot summer days, but with the passage of time it has now become completely submerged.  It extends from under the Proti Palace to the Canonica on the southern end of piazza Duomo.  It can be visited on Saturdays mornings from 10 - 12 and must be booked well in advance.


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Criptoportico (underground villa) in Vicenza

Criptoportico underground villa in Vicenza

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Tempio di Santa Corona

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Accommodation and tours in Vicenza Italy
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