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Travel itineraries in northern Italy   Itineraries  Travel itineraries in northern Italy

Northern Italian villas    -    Travel itineraries to Palladian and other renaissance villas around Vicenza Italy

The Veneto region of northern Italy and Vicenza in particular is blessed with incredible renaissance architecture. Most notable of course is the work of the great architect Andrea Palladio, who designed a good deal of the northern Italian Villas in Vicenza and nearby communities.  All six of these travel itineraries make for great day trips and offer a slice of Italian history.  Most Italian villas are privately owned, yet remain open to the general public. We've left out Villa Capra (La Rotonda) and Villa Valmarana from these travel itineraries as they are right behind the Bed and Breakfast.  For a detailed look at Villa Capra and Villa Valmarana see the tours section of our web site.

Italian Villas  -  Travel Itinerary 1   (54 km) 

Italian Villas  -  Travel Itinerary 2   (40 km) 

Italian Villas  -  Travel Itinerary 3   (71 km)

Travel Itinerary 1

Travel Itinerary 2

Travel Itinerary 3



Italian Villas  -  Travel Itinerary 4   (98 km) 

Italian Villas  -  Travel Itinerary 5   (51 km) 

Italian Villas  -  Travel Itinerary 6   (63 km)

Travel Itinerary 4

Travel Itinerary 5

Travel Itinerary 6

Travel Itinerary 1     -    Travel Itinerary 2     -    Travel Itinerary 3     -    Travel Itinerary 4      -     Travel Itinerary 5     -     Travel Itinerary 6

Northern Italian villas - Travel itinerary 1

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