Plan de Vicence Italie

Vicenza Italy

Map of monuments and other points of interest in Vicenza Italy

Quick guide to Vicenza Italy


Piazza dei Signori - 1 kilometer from the bed & breakfast, the main square in the center of town is surrounded by numerous historic monuments.

La Rotonda - Also known as Villa Capra, Palladio's masterpiece was the model for Jefferson's Monticello and the capital building in Washington D.C.

Teatro Olimpico - Designed by Andrea Palladio but only completed after his death, Teatro Olimpico was the first indoor theater in the world. 

Villa Valmarana - Just behind the B&B, the Villa of the dwarves has frescoes by father and son Giambattista and Giandomenico Tiepolo.
Arco del Trionfo - Designed by Andrea Palladio, the steps leading up to the church offer nice views of downtown Vicenza.
Valle del Silenzio - Green area behind La Rotonda which makes for a nice picnic or hike up thru the woods to the Parco Guiccioli.
Santa Caterina - On the way to downtown Vicenza, the Oratorio di Santa Chiara dates back to the the 15th century.
Palazzo Chiericati - Designed by Andrea Palladio, Palazzo Chiericati in front of Teatro Olimpico hosts the civic museum.
Monte Berico - Overlooking Vicenza, the church has a wonderful painting by Paolo Veronese in the back room behind the courtyard.
Ponte San Michele - The stone bridge leading to the square is a scene from the past, and a romantic spot in the evenings.
La Basilica - Palladio's first major work, La Basilica with its arches forever revolutionized the way architects would think.
Santa Corona - Next to Teatro Olimpico, the altar of Santa Corona is a work of art, with inlaid marble figures and a long history.
Criptoportico - Just in front of the duomo and now completely underground, this Roman villa is the best preserved criptoportico in Italy.
Il Duomo - The facade of this Gothic cathedral is over 5 centuries old, built on the ruins of an 8th century basilica.
Porta Castello - One of the main gateways to the city, Porta Castello and its enormous tower stands at the top of Corso Palladio.
Giardini Salvi - Just past Porta Castello this quiet park and little stream is a great place to relax after touring, it houses La Loggia Valmarana.
Train Station - Right downtown with a beautiful park in front of it, the train station is just a 10 minute walk (1 kilometer) from the B&B.
Bob and Jenny - The B&B is at the foot of the Berici hills halfway between La Rotonda and Piazza dei Signori, a 10 minute walk in either direction.

Bob and Jenny's bed and breakfast in Vicenza Italy

Teatro Olimpico

Palazzo Chiericati

Santa Corona

Piazza dei Signori

Il Duomo


La Rotonda

Villa Valmarana

Monte Berico

Ponte San Michele

Train Station

 Bob and Jenny 

Arco del Trionfo

Valle del Silenzio

La Basilica

Santa Caterina

Porta Castello

Giardini Salvi